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Buy the new Finland passport with 2020 year of issue. The document has 42 pages. It will be valid for 5 years. Finnish passports are issued to nationals of Finland for the purpose of international travel. Aside from serving as proof of Finnish nationality.

PRICE: $800.00


Standard passport applications can be submitted via the Police’s eServices or in person at a police licence services point of your choice. It is easiest to do this online:

1. Have your photograph taken at a photography studio that can send your finnish passport onlne  photograph to the Police electronically. Find your nearest photographer here:

2. Fill in the application online: Attach the photograph retrieval code that you received from the photographer to your application. Pay the application fee online.

3. In certain cases, only the electronic application is required. In other cases, in addition to the application, the applicant must visit a police licence services point in order to be identified prior to processing the application. When you fill in your application, the system will tell you whether you need to visit the police licence services point. If a visit is required, your application will only be processed after the visit. Avoid queueing by booking an appointment in advance:

You can also submit the entire application at the police licence services point, but it is cheaper and quicker to submit the application online. The cheaper fee applies even if your electronic application requires a visit the police licence services point. An electronic application cannot be submitted without a digital photograph delivered directly from the photographer to the police. The digital photograph can also be used when you are submitting the application entirely at a licence services point.

A passport photograph attached to an application shall not be older than six months.

If you apply for an identity card and a passport at the same time, a lower than normal fee will be charged for the card. This applies to both online applications and applications made at a licence services point.

Finnish passport online citizens residing abroad are issued by Finnish missions abroad instead of the Police. Using the Police’s eServices from abroad is not prohibited, but the same service level as found within Finland cannot be guaranteed.

Applications submitted online are also paid for online. Paying with a credit card is also possible with the most common credit cards. An unpaid application will not become pending and the licence official is unable to process it.